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Hosted by the IPA, the Power of Prepaid Podcast is designed to keep you ahead of an ever-changing industry and position you to succeed in tomorrow’s prepaid environment. Join us for thought-provoking discussions on the most pressing issues of the day.

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Episode 18 - It’s Just Retail – The Challenge of Cannabis Payments

Episode 17 - New Year, New Association: The NBPCA Becomes the IPA, Makes Plans for 2019

Episode 16 - Discover Sees Prepaid as an Innovation Platform

Episode 15 - The Midterm Elections Results Are In. Now What?

Episode 14 - Netspend Provides Scholarships to Help Cardholders Achieve their Goals

Episode 13 - Error Resolution is a Lot More than Customer Service

Episode 12 - What do the Midterm Elections Mean for Payments Regulation?

Episode 11 - Prepaid’s Public-Private Partnership to Feed the Hungry: Electronic Benefits Transfer

Episode 10 - Survey Says: Prepaid Has Room to Grow, But Needs Work

Episode 9 - Are Prepaid Cards a Good Deal? Ask a Cardholder.

Episode 8 - Building Your Company and Building Your Career

Episode 7 - The 2018 Midterms – The Return of Regulations?

Episode 6 - Understanding the P-to-P Market

Episode 5 - A Piggy Bank for Prepaid

Episode 4 - Prepaid May Be the Best Umbrella for a Financial Rainy Day

Episode 3 - How Prepaid Went from Cookie Dough to Shape Shifter

Episode 2 - The CFPB Prepaid Saga Comes to a Close

Episode 1 - Meet the NBPCA