Power of Prepaid Podcast Episode 7: The 2018 Midterms – The Return of Regulations

May 29, 2018

On the latest episode of the Power of Prepaid Podcast, host and NBPCA COO Ben Jackson is joined by Brian Tate, the CEO of the NBPCA to talk about the midterm elections and what is happening at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

In the show, they take a non-partisan look at the possible outcomes of the midterm elections.   

The results of the election will have a strong influence on the payments industry, and Ben and Brian take a look at what might happen if there are changes in one or both houses of Congress. In considering that possibility, it seems that the de-regulatory trends in the market could be reversed by a change in control. Even with new laws of regulations, the financial services industry could face renewed scrutiny if a different part is in charge. 

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