Latest Power of Prepaid Podcast Explores Helping Payroll Card Users Budget

March 29, 2018

On the latest episode of the Power of Prepaid Podcast, host and NBPCA COO Ben Jackson is joined by Amy Chan, lead product marketer for First Data’s Money Network to discuss the Piggy Bank feature it offers its payroll cardholders.

The company has created a feature within its mobile app that allows cardholders to manage their budget by setting aside funds for specific purposes or for just as a hedge against emergencies. In the interview we cover how the product works, what the user experience is like, and the business case for helping payroll card holders save.

An earlier episode discussed prepaid cards as a vehicle for savings, with David John, of the AARP Public Policy Institute. AARP will do a special presentation to NBPCA members at our Power of Prepaid Conference on April 9. You can register for the event here.

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