Did You Remember to Pack Your Prepaid Travel Card?

May 30, 2018

You remembered to pack the sunscreen, flip-flops, and sun glasses, but what about what’s in your wallet? As millions of Americans take to the roads, skies, and beaches this travel season, prepaid travel cards are a popular option for travelers, who recognize their security, convenience, and affordability as a perfect vacation companion

Whether traveling abroad or a few hours from home, many travelers worry about carrying large amounts of cash or their debit cards, linked to their primary bank accounts, because of the possibility of loss or theft.

Prepaid travel cards offer a safe alternative, as they can be used wherever debit cards are accepted but they can be preloaded with smaller dollar amounts, rather than linked to primary checking or savings accounts and the entire associated balances. And just like debit cards, many prepaid travel cards are covered by the payment network’s zero liability policy, so money on the card is protected from loss or theft.  Prepaid travel cards can often be loaded with the currency of the country you are visiting, with exchange rates locked in at the time they are loaded. This is a great option for college students studying abroad for the first time, who may not have enough credit to get a credit card or who may not have a checking account. 

Prepaid travel cards are also helpful for financially savvy travelers who want to set a budget for the trip and stick to it. Because cardholders cannot spend more than the amount loaded to the card, staying on budget is easy—and helps one avoid checking account overdraft fees. And if a traveler decides to extend his budget, adding money to a card is easy to do from anywhere in the world—and funds are immediately available. 

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, bringing a prepaid travel card is a great option to reduce stress and save money. Matching convenience with security helps ensure travelers get the most out of their vacation. As the weather starts to turn warmer and thoughts move to both sand and sun, a prepaid travel card may become just as common place in travelers’ suitcases as swim suits and floppy hats.

For more information, check out our infographic here.