Blog Hiring a Good Employee and Finding a Good Job Are Two Sides of a Coin

June 07, 2018

In episode eight of the Power of prepaid Podcast, we talk with Amy DeBerg, president of the R&P Group, a recruiting firm that focuses on the payments industry. 

Since 2000, R&P has been helping companies in the cards and payments industry find good employees and help payments executives take the next step in their careers. NBPCA COO Ben Jackson spoke with Amy about the best practices for companies seeking employees and for individuals seeking the next step for their careers.

In the podcast Amy describes how both hiring managers and job seekers need to have similar traits. Both need to be honest about what they are looking for, flexible about what kinds of attributes they will consider, whether in a candidate or role, and open to new opportunities. 

In the podcast Amy gives tips for both sides of the hiring desk and talks about when and how a company should work with a recruiter to find the people they need. 

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