What do the Midterm Elections Mean for Payments Regulation?

Posted in: Power of Prepaid Podcast

In the latest episode of the Power of Prepaid Podcast, the NBPCA talks with Dee Buchanan and Gordon Taylor, principals at Ogilvy Government Relations. We discuss the possible outcomes of the midterm Congressional elections and what they might mean for financial services regulations. We consider what happens if control of the Congress remains with the Republicans, if the Democrats take Control of both the House and the Senate, and if the Midterms leave us with a divided Congress.

In short, a Republican Congress will largely continue on the path it has taken thus far. While there are not any major bills on the horizon, the general trend towards government deregulation will continue. If the Democrats succeed in taking one or both houses of Congress, then the industry can expect more hearings on the financial services industry, though it is unlikely the president would sign any bills that would reregulate the industry. Since the Democrats are unlikely to have a veto-proof majority that means there probably will not be a lot that happens on the legislative front.

Of course, two months in politics is a very long time, so things may change by November. Regardless of the outcomes, payments companies should think local when it comes to the election. They should be prepared to engage their own representatives regardless of party and educate them about the industry.

Be on the lookout for a follow up podcast after the elections. We will reconvene with Ogilvy once the results are in and try to help orient our listeners as the dust settles.