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Prepaid Cards Give Taxpayers Fast, Convenient Access to Refunds

More than $324 billion was refunded to taxpayers by the IRS last year, a nearly $2 billion increase from the previous year. Many American families rely on their tax refunds each year to pay outstanding bills or make other important purchases that may not be within reach without them. No matter what each taxpayer plans to do with their refund, one thing is certain—fast and efficient receipt of these funds is a top priority for taxpayers.

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It’s Just Retail – The Challenge of Cannabis Payments

Changes in state laws around the possession, sale, and use of cannabis have brought a new category of retail out from the underground economy. As entrepreneurs have moved to seize the opportunities in this new industry, their ability to accept and make payments are hampered by federal laws.

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Meet the 2019 Power of Prepaid Speaking Faculty Part 1!

We’re thrilled to announce the first part of the 2019 speaker lineup. We have many more to come so stay tuned, but the first half are getting ready to share forward-looking presentations and case studies that feature actionable insights and diverse perspectives. They make for quite an exciting lineup already… have a look!

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